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Data Slam LLC Business Solutions - Let us bring you to the next level with our designs, marketing and advertising.

Web and Mobile Design


Technology is confusing and overwhelming. Data Slam LLC can help and guide our clients through this World Wide Web.


Web and Mobile Design are important to all businesses/companies. These sites are the front door to a client’s company/business; these sites provide information about the business and the services or products they provide. They also provide access to a business’ other media platforms.


As the consumer moves rapidly towards mobile devices it is even more important now to have a mobile site. Mobile sites differ for web sites in many ways.


Data Slam LLC works with our clients to represent them making sure their sites are original and grab and hold the attention of their clients/customers.


Our designs are flowing and unique, we use custom designed graphics as one of our tools.




Web VS. Mobile Sites


Website and Mobile design are different completely different design and layouts. One is formatted for computers and laptops while the other is formatted for Smartphones and tablets. If a mobile site is not present for that domain name the regular website will load; the original website maybe too large and bulky for the mobile device. This can make it hard for the customers to navigate, causing a potential customer to move on to a different choice.


Google has already started penalizing sites that are not mobile friendly by altering their search results for that site.


Fall of 2016 the World Wide Web will no longer use the following extensions or Plug-ins:

JavaScript and Adobe Flash. Both have been used widely in design and coding. This may leave existing websites with missing links, files or graphics.


Mobile sites are formatted to be compatible with Smartphones and tablets. These mobile devices do not support the same plug-ins as regular websites and links, graphics and files are missing.




Beware of Free Web Site Building and Builders and other online sites.


These sites are full of templates and stock images.


These templates and images have used and accessed by thousands of business and present a cookie cutter presentation, also by using stock images this can cause mistrust by potential clients-customers since your company/business may not actually look like the images that your site is displaying.


In addition to this these sites that you find online may look tempting but remember they can also come with hidden fees.


These sites can charge a setup fee as well as monthly fees. Most sites will also charge for the amount of traffic that your company/business site will and can produce.


Data Slam LLC has also worked with clients where their domain names have been misspelled such as saloon and the misspelling of salon. Issues also may arise when you need to add, update or delete content from your site.


Customer service will have to be contacted or your might have to fumble through it yourself.



Data Slam LLC Business Solutions - Let us bring you to the next level with our designs, marketing and advertising.


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