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What is Social Media Marketing?


 Social Media Marketing is the process of gaining website traffic or concentration through social media sites.  Social media marketing programs usually focus on creating content that attracts attention and encourages members to share it across their social networks.


Social Media Marketing has quickly become an important tool in business marketing strategy. 72% businesses are reporting increased traffic as well as better results in their search engine results.



Benefits of Social Media Marketing


Understanding Consumers


Social media give businesses a tool to better understand their customers. Business can see actively what their customers are talking about and what their potential wants and needs are.


Customer Service


Social Media can allow Businesses to answer customer comments, questions or concerns. Even though a business may have a dedicated customer service department; customers now are looking for immediate access in a forum which they prefer. Customers feel they can communicate directly with a business via these social networks.




A business’ content is more easily circulated via social networks since these networks can be shared with not only customer’s friends and family but other social networks as well. This content easily shared and without cost from the social media networks.


Cost Effective


When advertising with Social Media Networks information can be targeted to certain customers and potential markets. Social Media platforms can reach certain keywords, demographics, locations, etc. Depending on what your business needs are all it could cost is time.




In the world of Social Media where does a company start?


 Which one do I choose?


Depending our client’s industry and needs Data Slam LLC will advise you on which Social Media sites would help your business reach your market.


Data Slam LLC can create your company's social media accounts. Complete from creation to management.


It depends on what our client request of Data Slam LLC in how involved we are with our clients’ accounts.


We can upload and enter all business information to the Social Media site or we can upload all content to your social media site, logos, advertising, etc.


We can create content to post to your social media accounts to boost your views and create a buzz about your company.

 We also create content for businesses such as: Contests, Events, Sales, Online Coupons, Business Announcements, etc.

This is called Content Design .


We can also control what is posted to your accounts - if any content that is pornographic or abusive in any nature is posted to your Social Media account. Data Slam LLC will remove such posts. For more information on this service please see Reputation Management.





Data Slam LLC Business Solutions - Let us bring you to the next level with our designs, marketing and advertising.


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