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Data Slam LLC Business Solutions - Let us bring you to the next level with our designs, marketing and advertising.


We research the market for the most safe reasonable priced solutions.


We will not try and sell our clients services that they do not need nor want.


We have no hidden fees


We stand by our clients. We also offer our services at economically sound prices. Our clients should not have to go bankrupt. We have no hidden fees. We do not charge thousands of dollars for our services and designs. We also research the markets to find the reliable and reasonable priced services/products for our clients.


Unlike our competitors we do not overcharge our clients for domain registration; web hosting, email hosting or bandwidth. We only charge our clients what we are charged for.


We will not throw technical terms at our clients. It is important that we have open communication with all of our clients. It is also important that we explain to our clients what we are doing and why.


We also copyright our designs and content for our clients, that way our clients know that their content is theirs and safe. We also provide non-disclosure agreements to our clients so they have the confidence that we do not share our and their information, designs, strategies and data with anyone but them.


When we meet with a client it is not only important what our client’s goals, needs and wants are; but we also do the research within that clients market. We want our client to not only to exceed in their market; we also want to give our client an edge and advantage over their competitors.



Data Slam LLC vs Others


Beware of Free Online Design Services  - Websites, Logo, Ad, etc.


These sites are full of templates and stock images.


These templates and images have used and accessed by thousands of business and present a cookie cutter presentation, also by using stock images this can cause mistrust by potential clients/customers since your company/business may not actually look like the images that your site is displaying.


 In addition to this these sites that you find Online may look tempting but remember they can also come with hidden fees.


These sites can charge a setup fee as well as monthly fees. Most sites will also charge for the amount of traffic that your company/business site will and can produce.


 Data Slam LLC has also worked with clients where their domain names have been misspelled such as saloon and the misspelling of salon. Issues also may arise when you need to add, update or delete content from your site.


Customer service will have to be contacted or your might have to fumble through it yourself.




We have competitive pricing


Open communication


Update to date and on current marketing trends

Data Slam LLC Business Solutions - Let us bring you to the next level with our designs, marketing and advertising.


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